Established in 1998
"20 Years of Excellence"

DEPARTMENT OF Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)


         The Department of Computer Science & Engineering  was established in the year 1998 with the firm commitment of developing and producing quality Computer Science Engineers with high-technical knowledge and good practical basis, combined with leadership skills and decision making capabilities.

      The courses offered are B. Tech. (Computer Science & Engineering), M. Tech. (Computer Science & Engineering). Faculty members from the academia and Industry with vast experience provides in-depth knowledge of both hardware and software skills.  The Department has state-of-the-art infrastructure enabling high quality learning to keep up with the growing demands and changing trends of the software industry.

      The Department effectively prepares students to pursue leadership, technical, and management positions in a variety of industries. Students have obtained successful top-notch placements at  HCL, COGNIZANT, L&T, WIPRO, GENPAC, TCS, INFOSYS, UNI-TECH, MPHASIS.


Courses Offered

CSE Dept. is offering below UG and PG courses:
B.Tech. (CSE): 60 intake
M.Tech. (CSE): 18 intake



         The program Objectives (POs) describe the professional accomplishments of our graduates about four years after having completed the under graduate and post  program in Computer Science and Engineering. We describe the progress of our graduates through Pos.

The Pos of the program is as under:

  1. To prepare students to excel in Computer Science and Engineering program , to succeed in computing industry profession or successful entrepreneurs through quality education
  2. To provide students an ability to analyze and solve computer science and engineering problems through application of fundamental knowledge of math’s, science and engineering.
  3. To train students with good Computer Science and Engineering breadth, so as to comprehend, analyze, design and create innovative computing products and solutions for real life problems.
  4. To inculcate in students professional and ethical attitude, communication skills, teamwork skills, lifelong learning, multidisciplinary approach and an ability to relate computer engineering issues with social awareness.

To equip students with excellent academic environment for a successful carrier as engineers, scientist, technocrats, administrators and entrepreneurs.



       Specific outcomes of computer science department  is to make students think critically, follow innovations and developments in science and technology, demonstrate personal and organizational entrepreneurship and engage in life-long learning in various subjects.

  1. Ability to apply the knowledge of computer system and design principles in building the software and hardware components.
  2. Ability to apply knowledge of layered network models, protocols, technologies and topologies as well as incorporating security policies for building network and internet based applications.
  3. Apply the theoretical foundations of computer science in modeling and developing solutions to the complex and real world problems as well as designing and developing the application software systems along with the database design and management that meet the automation needs of industry and society.
  4. The ability to employ modern computer languages, environments, and platforms in creating innovative career paths to be an entrepreneur, and a zest for higher studies.
  5. The ability to apply standard practices and strategies in software project development using open-ended programming environments to deliver a quality product for business success.
  6. The ability to understand, analyze and develop computer programs in the areas related to algorithms, system software, multimedia, web design, big data analytics, and networking for efficient design of computer-based systems of varying complexity.
  7. Provide effective and efficient real time solutions using acquired knowledge in various domains.
  8. Use professional engineering practices, strategies and tactics for the development, operation and maintenance of software.
  9. Demonstrate understanding of the principles and working of the hardware and software aspects of computer systems.
  10. Able to apply the knowledge of ethical and management principles required to work in a team as well as to lead a team.



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