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Placements Record of 2016-17

Company                  : AXIOM CELL ( Smart Mobile Solutions)
Campus Drive Date    : 25-09-2016 held at VITAM.
Selected Candidates  :
                                            Nikhilesh Bhargav (VITAM)
                                            Eureska Sahoo (PYDAH)
                                            M. Rani (VIET, Narava)

                                   AXIOM RECRUITMENT DRIVE on 25-09-2016.

Company                   : ABP ENGITECH SOLUTIONS Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad.
Campus Drive Date    : 09-09-2016 held at VITAM

Selected Candidates:
1. G. Nikilesh Bhargav 

2. K. Sarika

3. G. Sri Ramam 

4. Ch. Sandeep


Company                   : ATLAS COPCO
Package                    : 6.5 lacs(7.2 lacs after training)
Campus drive date  : 28-06-2016 held at VITAM

Selected Candidates:
1. Goda Aditya Pavan Kumar 
2. Bharath Kumar

Total 23 students of various Departments of VITAM were selected in CAMPUS PLACEMENTS held at VITAM on 29th March 2016 @ i-LEAF Technologies, Hyderabad.