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Dr. BALA V. BALACHANDRAN, JL Kellogg Distinguished Prof. of Accounting & Info. Mgmt. Kellogg's School of Management, North Western University, USA & Founder Dean, Great Lakes Institute of Mgmt., Chennai - January 2016

During his visit to VITAM on 12th January 2016, he gave his talk on "e-learning and future of India". He said that e-learning will place India at the top of the world. To help the villagers through the welfare schemes technology enabled learning can go a long way in reaching out to the welfare of the citizens. Education is the fundamental right of all citizens and in its implementation e-learning will help India achieve its goals. With the innovation of BABI (Business Analytics Business Intelligence) we can introduce new changes in commerce and trade. He exhorted the studies to imbibe the qualities of Ratan Tata, Bill Gates, Vineeta Bali and be global leaders.

Dr. SRINIVASA RAO, HOD, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, BITS – Pilani, Dubai campus – August 2014

He visited Viswanadha Institute of Technology And Management (VITAM) on 9th August 2014 and gave an expert talk on MODERN TRENDS IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP and JOHARI WINDOW MODEL OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP to the final year B.Tech students of the college. He explained that entrepreneurship is the need of the hour for the nation to enter into globalized world. He further said that budding entrepreneurs should capitalize on the growing and changing needs of the customers. He emphasized on the imperatives of entrepreneurship for engineering students.

Sri B. HARI KISHAN, Vice President, WIPRO Technologies, Bangalore – July 2014

During his visit to VITAM in July 2014, he stressed on the employability skills to be learnt by the graduating engineers. He elaborated on the recent trends and opportunities in the world and IT.

Prof K. RAJANI KANTH, IISc, Bangalore – February 2014

On 10th February 2014, Prof K. Rajani Kanth, Retd. Professor of CSE, IISc, Bangalore and one of the pioneering Computer Science researchers in India gave a talk on "BIG DATA". He spoke about the growing importance of digitalization of the data in the modern computer world. He also gave a presentation on "Engineering Education – Shifts in Paradigm" to the faculty members of VITAM and VNIPS.

Prof. K.V.N. SARMA, Retd. Professor, IISc, Bangalore – February 2014

An expert talk on the theme, "Why to study the behavior of Ideal Fluids when we actually deal with Real Fluids?" was given by Prof. K.V.N. SARMA, retired Prof. of Civil Engineering, IISc, Bangalore and founder Principal of VITAM. Students and faculty of CSE, ECE, Aeronautical, Civil and Mechanical Engineering were present.


Sri S. VENKATA RAMANA, Easy Arm and Sri N. VENKATA REDDY, Techno Soft – July 2013

A Two Day National Workshop on Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems was conducted at Viswanadha Institute of Technology and Management (VITAM) on 26th and 27th July 2013 by the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE). The focus of the workshop is to give hands on training to the faculty and students of ECE on ARM Cortex Mo Micro controllers and embedded systems. Students were given training in Arm Micro Controllers and Embedded systems by the Resource Persons, S.Venkata Ramana of Easy Arm and N.Venkata Reddy of Techno soft. Extensive project demonstrations were held to the students. An awareness programme on employment prospects for ECE students was also conducted in the end.