Established in 1998
"21 Years of Excellence"


VITAM ROBOTICS CLUB (VRC) was founded in 2014 at Viswanadha Institute of Technology and Management (VITAM) with the prime objective of inculcating scientific spirit among the students of Engineering. The Vitam Robotics Club (VRC) was inaugurated on 1st February 2014 by the hands of Sri N. Venkata Reddy (M.S., U.K.) Director, S.V.L.I.E.T. The club aims to improve the levels of awareness about the latest science, ROBOTICS and also on the latest in the fields of Science and Technology. As robotics is an interface of Mechanical, Computer Science, EEE and ECE branches of engineering, it offers scope and choice for the engineering students to branch out into application paths of their domain knowledge. In this direction VRC endeavors to conduct awareness camps, workshops and seminars periodically not only for the students of VITAM but also for students of other colleges. The club is well supported by the Management of VITAM and Department of Mechanical Engineering. It has a rich pool of resource persons who are drawn from different organizations. The club enables its members to experiment with kits of its own and several simulation packages.

Objectives of VRC 

  • Enhancing know-how in Robotics.
  • Providing forum for sharing of creative intelligence and skill.
  • Updating on the frontiers of technology.
  • Preparing working models.
  • Facilitating hands on exposure/
  • Paper presentations and publications by students
  • Participation in national and international level seminars, workshop and exhibitions conducted IITs and NITs.
  • Arranging demo lectures by guest faculty in applications of Science & Technology.
  • Integrating the excellence from the relevant spheres of engineering.